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Dakota AG Innovations (DAI) is a rural South Dakota-based manufacturing company whose mission was to create and establish markets around the world for products that would help the appearance and the value of farm & construction equipment, recreational vehicles, boats, automotive, and trucks, as they are rented or sold.

Dakota AG Innovations main emphasis has always been on developing products that are safe on the environment and the people that use them, while remaining equally effective & affordable as current cleaning products. Most of the products Dakota AG Innovations produces utilize agri-based ingredients as the key components of their formulas.

Dakota AG Innovations has been extremely successful with its’ two key products – Prep & Shine. These two products are being marketed all around the world. Dakota AG Innovations also manufacturers and markets other products for a variety of other companies including some on the Fortune 100 list. Dakota AG Innovations has continued to expand its’ manufacturing facility in South Dakota to prepare for the ever-growing demand of its’ products worldwide. Dakota AG Innovations currently has customers and distributors in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and in Europe, with others being set up in Mexico, the Caribbean, & Southeast Asia. We are also in the process of private-labeling our line of products for worldwide distribution by several large international OEM companies.

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